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Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey


Istanbul Aydin University is a private university with over 34'000 students. It consists of 11 campuses, 10 faculties as well as a large technocenter. The university had to replace their old fire protection system with a reliable system.

The Istanbul Aydin University


The former fire protection solution was a mix of several systems from different suppliers, which resulted in multiple false alarms. The campus has various application areas from laboratories and lecture rooms to cafeterias, they all had to be protected accordingly. They wanted to be able to monitor the system locally at each of the buildings and centrally at the security command center. Since the modernization took place during the semester, it was very important that the new system could be quickly installed and commissioned.


Siemens Solution Partner infoMET Technologies recommended Istanbul Aydin University to replace its system with Cerberus PRO. In total, more than 1500 smoke detectors, 50 multi-sensor smoke detectors and several fire control panels have been installed. The buidlings are networked via fiber-optic line.


The system guarantees highest immunity to false alarms and low maintenance costs. It is very flexible and can be monitored locally at each building and centrally at the security command center.


Cerberus PRO fire safety system:

  • More than 1500 smoke detectors

  • 50 multi-sensor smoke detectors

  • Fire control panels at each building