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A holistic fire safety solution

Customer Ltd. Hannover, a leading German Internet provider in the area of Web-based data centers and hosting services. Ltd. Hannover

Requirements Ltd. needed a new data center for up to 5,000 Internet servers and was searching for a partner for an integrated fire protection and safety concept that would provide optimal and sustainable protection to the highly sensitive data center.


Siemens supplied a customized and reliable fire safety solution covering the entire life cycle of the building. Combining the earliest possible fire detection, alarm activation, and automatic extinguishing with integrated security systems backed up by a comprehensive service package results in a fully integrated protection concept. A Sinorix extinguishing system with natural extinguishing agents was installed in the data center as an optimal fire safety solution. Natural extinguishing agents such as nitrogen and argon lower the oxygen content in the air. Damage is avoided because no reactive products result.


“With its fire safety solution, Siemens is making a valuable contribution to safeguarding sensitive data and business processes at Ltd.,” says CEO Peter Sager. After implementation, the customer can also rely on the comprehensive maintenance and support services provided by Siemens. The fire safety solution additionally provides the Internet provider with long-term investment security.


A fire safety solution and more:

  • Fire control panel with neural fire detectors

  • Extinguishing control unit

  • GMA (danger alarm system) person-machine interface (touchscreen)

  • Sinorix argon extinguishing system with 5 flooding zones supplied by 36 extinguishing agent cylinders (300 bar precharge pressure)

  • Selector valve station

  • Piping network with nozzles

  • Personnel safety device (pneumatic delay)

  • Manual releases

  • Manual call points

  • Alarm sounder beacons

  • Pneumatic horns (Martin) and alarm sounder

  • Warning displays

  • Overpressure flaps

  • Intrusion detection system and access control system

  • Service agreement