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Institute of Plasma Physics in Prague, Czech Republic

Sinorix 227 extinguishing system for safety and security of unique research data


The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague is the country’s leading non-university research institution. The Institute of Plasma Physics focuses on plasma physics and its application.

Institute of Plasma Physics in Prague, Czech Republic


The Institute of Plasma Physics required reliable fire safety and extinguishing systems for its Tokamak COMPASS – a fusion reactor that produces a toroidal magnetic field for confining plasma – and for its data center, which contains highly valuable results from experiments valuable to generating ecologically sustainable energy in the future.


Siemens installed a reliable fire safety system from a single source with fire detectors, extinguishing panels and a Sinorix extinguishing system, together with services. The Sinorix 227 extinguishing systems were chosen to protect the data center and its unique data.


The solution met all the requirements for protecting the valuable research technology and the unique data, due to be used for the larger Tokamak ITER. The Sinorix 227 extinguishing systems, based on the HFC 227ea extinguishing agent and 42 bar technology which make them particularly efficient and space-saving, offer optimum protection for areas with electrical and electronic fire hazards – for example, in a data center.


Fire safety system with

  • 24 DO1101A automatic fire detectors

  • XC1001-A extinguishing control unit (4 PCs)

  • 3 Sinorix 227 extinguishing systems

  • 1 Sinorix N2 – Ar – CO2 extinguishing system

  • 22 gas cylinders