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G1 Group's Cabaret Voltaire and Grassmarket Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland

Reliable fire detection for the G1 Group’s venues in Edinburgh, Scotland


The G1 Group is a leisure business and hotel chain owner in Scotland with 40 venues throughout the country. In Edinburgh alone, they have three hotels, two restaurants and a nightclub. The Cabaret Voltaire and the Grassmarket
Hotel in particular, were having severe problems with false alarms.

The Grassmarket Hotel


A highly reliable fire detection system was needed that wouldn’t continue triggering false alarms. The Siemens Solution Partner Black Box Fire & Security proposed Cerberus™ PRO, including fire detectors with ASAtechnology™ (ASA = advanced signal analysis) inside.


The Cerberus PRO fire detectors proved to be the ideal choice for the G1 Group. In both venues, deceptive phenomena are present (e.g. nightclub which uses dry ice and the hotels have steam and aerosols) ASAtechnology can distinguish between smoke from a real fire and these deceptive phenomena. It allows the optimal adaptation of the detectors to the current environmental conditions by choosing an application-specific parameter set.


With the new solution, there are no more false alarms and costly business interruptions. The old detectors could be easily replaced and the existing cabling could be reused. The installed detectors can be adapted to the environmental condition.


Cerberus PRO detectors with ASAtechnology