Fire safety modernization with Cerberus PRO

Fire safety modernization with Cerberus PRO

The Mall Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom

Advanced technology allows phased migration without interrupting business operations, assuring safety for people and assets at all times.


The Mall Maidstone hosts on 535,000 square feet (49,700 m2) of retail space 75 shops. It is one of the most important shopping centers in the county town of Kent. Around 30,000 people visit The Mall Maidstone every day. The existing fire safety system exceeded its lifecycle and was very outdated.

Fire safety modernization at The Mall Maidstone with Cerberus PRO


Installations in a shopping mall and thus the modernization of the fire safety system need to happen without interrupting the retail operation. The new system had to be versatile, flexible, future-proof, offering all opportunities for further upgrades and fitting the budget. Furthermore the modernization of the fire detection system should be carried out in phases while the old system had to be maintained to ensure full security at any time. In addition the first step of the migration had to take place right before Christmas, when The Mall Maidstone is daily visited from up to 50,000 people.


Thanks to its high flexibility, advanced technology and clever tools Cerberus PRO fitted all these criteria’s and the Siemens Solution Partner Senseco Systems offered all the required capabilities. In the first phase the new Cerberus PRO control panel was installed monitoring and controlling the old fire detection infrastructure. In the second phase of the project in total 600 new Cerberus PRO detection and alarm devices were installed within the shopping center.


  • Cerberus PRO is flexible, versatile and modular – ideal for replacing existing fire detection systems

  • Advanced technologies and clever tools allow quick and easy implementation on time

  • Cerberus PRO allows the phased modernization of existing fire alarm infrastructure


  • 1 Cerberus PRO FC726 control panel

  • 4 Cerberus PRO FC722 network panels

  • 600 Cerberus PRO filed devices, including OP720 smoke detectors, DFL241 linear smoke detectors, HI722 heat detectors, FDM225 manual call points and sounders

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