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Data Center, Beijing, China

Integrated solutions for fire safety, security, and energy efficiency


In 2008, Siemens China opened the Siemens Center Beijing (SCB) as its new headquarters. The building includes Asia’s largest and most modern data center, the Beijing Data Center, on 490 m2 of floor space.

Data Center, Beijing, China


In addition to the building-wide objective of achieving the greatest possible energy efficiency, special attention was paid to maximum availability and data security in the data center – the Beijing Data Center. Intelligent building technology integrates different disciplines for higher energy efficiency.


For SCB and the data center, Siemens developed a tailored fire safety and security solution that integrates all the relevant components, from fire detection and extinguishing to evacuation and access control to video surveillance and building automation.


Thanks to the services made available by the data center, critical business functions are safeguarded for many Asian enterprises, and maximum business continuity is ensured by fire safety and security systems. The intelligent building technology at SCB’s reduces energy consumption by roughly a third compared to similar structures in China and reduces annual CO2 emissions by up to 1600 tons.


  • 57 smoke detectors and 63 heat detectors for fire protection

  • Fire alarm control panel with integrated video fire controller

  • SiPass access control system

  • Sistore video recording system with IVM video software

  • 4 day/night dome cameras, 13 day/night cameras, and 8 color cameras

  • Intrusion detectors with dual technology

  • Central safety and security management station

  • Open-air cooling, energy-saving lighting, and servers that consume 35 percent less energy

  • Management station that integrates all SCB building data