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Areva NP, Erlangen, Germany

Intelligent fire-extinguishing system for Areva NP


Areva NP, the global market leader in nuclear power plants, was building a new administrative building for its German headquarters with 1,500 office spaces and a total floor area of 41,500 m2.


Areva NP needed fire protection for the new construction and infrastructure. Due to the presence of sensitive areas such as server rooms and archives, the basement required a very reliable and gentle solution for fire protection.


Siemens won the project thanks to its integrated and comprehensive fire protection strategy. Fire detection throughout the entire building is carried out by the Sigmasys M fire alarm monitoring station. The server rooms have additional smoke detection systems.

The six fire-extinguishing areas – four archive rooms and two server rooms – are protected against fires by a Sinorix™ nitrogen (N2) extinguishing system. In an emergency, the servers are automatically shut down, the air supply is shut off, and nitrogen “suffocates” the fire, resulting in zero secondary damage.

The electrical component of the Sinorix N2 multiple-area extinguishing system for fire protection consists of two X100 fire-extinguishing control stations, each with a Sigmasys control panel for the fire alarm monitoring station. Due to the minimal residual oxygen concentration in the room after flooding, guidelines from VdS (one of Germany’s leading independent testing institutions for fire protection and security) state that a pneumatic alarm system should alert people to evacuate the rooms before the extinguishing system activates after a mechanical delay.


The use of a nitrogen extinguishing system for fire protection eliminates any possible damage to documents or electronic devices from water. Nitrogen is carbon neutral, leaves no residue, and poses no threat to human health.


  • Sigmasys M fire alarm monitoring station

  • 135 Sigmaloop detectors

  • 2 X100 fire-extinguishing control stations; wall unit with 6 extinguishing areas

  • 141 N2 extinguishing tanks, each with 80 l, 300 bar / 24.9 kg

  • Maximum extinguishing range with 2.5 t nitrogen

  • 8 HD selector valves DN 50

  • CO2 control tank with 67 l / 50 kg

  • N2 control tank with 10 l

  • Pneumatic delay

  • 2 Sigmanet control panels