Boutique Hotel Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria

World’s first city hotel with a zero-energy balance


Boutique Hotel Stadthalle, a three-star eco-hotel in the 15th District of Vienna between Westbahnhof (Vienna West railway station) and Wiener Stadthalle (indoor arena). An annex completed in 2009 increased the number of rooms from 42 to 80.

Boutique Hotel Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria


Highest objectives in regard to sustainability: The annex was meant to reach a zero-energy balance within 12 months.


Renewable energy sources such as solar thermal systems, photovoltaic systems, and a groundwater heat pump generate just as much energy as the Boutique Hotel Stadthalle consumes during business operation. The key to success here is the intelligent energy management with a Desigo building automation and control system. Desigo provides programmable automation controllers (PAC) and flexible key performance indicators (KPI) for demand-based or scheduled measuring and control of the heating and cooling. Desigo also controls and monitors the thermal mass activation, water heating, solar power system, buffer management, and geothermal heat pump. Thanks to Desigo’s web-based user interface, energy data and reports can be called up easily at any time.


Through the integration of all system components and processes, Desigo ensures the highly efficient use of energy without making compromises in terms of guest comfort. For Michaela Reitterer, managing director of the Boutique Hotel Stadthalle, environmental activities such as the zero-energy balance have a positive impact on the hotel’s high annual occupancy rate of 83 percent.


  • 94 m2 photovoltaic system

  • 130 m2 solar thermal system

  • Thermal mass activation

  • Use of rainwater

  • Desigo building automation and control system with
    - PXC controllers
    - Web operation

  • EU eco-label for tourism

  • Environmental Prize of the City of Vienna