Waterbury Hospital, Connecticut, USA

Guaranteed savings with performance-based contracts


Waterbury Hospital in Waterbury, Connecticut (USA) is a private, not-for-profit instructional institution for acute care with 357 beds and 2,000 employees

Waterbury Hospital


The Waterbury Hospital was faced with having to reduce its dramatically rising electricity bills and operating costs without allowing patient care to be compromised.


An energy savings performance contract offered the best solution over the short term. With energy savings performance contracts the energy saving measures are financed by the energy savings the upgrades are guaranteed to produce.

Most of the HVAC systems installed at Waterbury Hospital in the 1970s had reached the end of their useful lives. An agreement was reached on a two-stage program for upgrading the HVAC system and hospital facility. As part of the energy savings performance contract, the high energy consumption of the aging HVAC system was replaced by the most advanced and efficient technology.


Thanks to the improvement measures, it was possible to achieve energy cost savings of more than US$10 million annually over the 10-year contract period. “The energy savings performance contract was an excellent opportunity to achieve our goals,” said Waterbury Hospital COO Mary Pryblo.


Annual savings at Waterbury Hospital:

  • US$10 million

  • 947,000 kilowatt hours of electricity

  • 12,250,000 kilowatt hours of natural gas

  • 32.5 million kilos of greenhouse gases

  • 11,000,000 liters of oil