MKM Commercial Holdings LLC Group (WAFI), Dubai, UAE

Energy Optimizing with Demand Flow for WAFI


WAFI City is a gigantic, luxurious shopping, entertainment and leisure complex in Dubai. It includes an upscale shopping mall with over 350 stores and 30 restaurants, a 5-star luxury hotel and an underground market with magnificent Arabian architecture.


WAFI’s executive management wanted to make operations as efficient as possible and save energy costs. The goal was to optimize the performance of the HVAC system and the ability to monitor the performance of the chiller plant over the Internet.


Thanks to a long and positive partnership, MKM Commercial Holdings LLC Group decided in favor of the Demand Flow™ solution from Siemens for its energy optimization project. As a holistic approach for optimizing the entire chilled water system, Demand Flow’s specialized algorithms can deliver chilled water system efficiencies to any existing building automation system.

Implementation of Demand Flow was completed in July 2014. Supported by the Demand Flow solution from Siemens, the customer can expect guaranteed annual savings of US$439,000. In addition, the performance of the entire chilled water system has been improved and its operation has been made easier. The web-based service platform Navigator from Siemens is used for system access. Navigator handles data acquisition, outputs energy profiles and displays detailed information about equipment operating parameters. The data is collected and aggregated by Desigo™ Insight.


Lowering the overall energy consumption has allowed WAFI Dubai to meet its medium-term goal of reducing the primary energy costs and associated expenses. In addition, the project saves 1,800 Mt of CO2 emissions every year.


  • Guaranteed annual cost savings of at least US$439,000

  • Payback period of 2.5 years

  • Average of 30 percent savings on utility costs (from August 2014 to April 2015)

  • Increased comfort

  • Control from anywhere via the Internet

  • Easier operation thanks to a user-friendly interface