Standard Chartered Bank, Hong Kong, China

New monitoring system for optimized energy efficiency


The global Standard Chartered Bank, is a market leader in matters of innovation, sustainability, and environmental protection. In 2010, it was accepted into the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.

Standard Chartered Bank, Hong Kong, China


At the more than 50 branches of the Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong), energy efficiency needed to be optimized and energy consumption minimized. Energy use in all buildings needed to be able to be easily tracked and controlled. At the same time, a high degree of comfort had to be maintained and safety and security to be improved.


Thanks to a customized building automation with integrated EMC (energy monitoring and controlling) system, the Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) can now centrally manage its energy and water consumption. The building automation and EMC system has a clear user interface and uniform report and analysis functions. Siemens also conducted LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) workshops as well as energy audits and upgraded the alarm management system.


Greatly simplified energy monitoring and management thanks to the new EMC system. Comprehensive consolidation and tracking of energy data for planning energy-saving measures. Reduced costs and improved comfort thanks to central management of site conditions in the building automation and control system. The EMC system tailored for the Standard Chartered Bank can be easily expanded to the entire branch network. Effective monitoring of critical areas vital for banking operations such as server rooms and data centers.


  • Standard Chartered Bank
    - Headquarters in London
    - More than 1,700 branches and sales offices in more than 70 countries
    - More than 80,000 employees from 125 countries

  • Customized building automation and energy-monitoring system for the 50 Hong Kong branches