Sello Shopping Mall, Espoo, Finland

LEED certificate in gold thanks to Energy Saving Performance Contracting


Sello in the district of Leppävaara of the Finnish city of Espoo is one of the largest shopping malls in Scandinavia. On 102,000 m 2, there are 170 shops as well as a concert hall and a library.

Sello Shopping Mall, Espoo, Finland


Substantial energy savings, more comfort, and a long-term improvement in the indoor air quality. During the corresponding measures, the operators sought certification as per “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (LEED), the renowned standard for green buildings.


With Energy Saving Performance Contracting, Siemens modernized and optimized the building technology: Sello was equipped with the Desigo building automation and control system and special energy-saving algorithms, as well as a total of roughly 100 new control actuators, temperature sensors, and CO 2 sensors. The air treatment plants were also modernized as part of Energy Saving Performance Contracting, and the heating and cooling demand management was optimized. An Advantage Operational Center (AOC) continuously monitors energy consumption online and makes it possible to constantly optimize the measured quantities and adjust the settings via remote control.


Up to 50 percent less energy consumption, which reduces operating costs. Increased comfort and improved air quality. Value appreciation of the infrastructure. No financial risk: The savings guaranteed in Energy Saving Performance Contracting are used to finance the investment over the period of the agreement and amortize these costs in four years.


  • Energy Saving Performance Contracting ensures annual savings of
    - 1.25 million kWh of electricity (27%)
    - 1.3 million kWh of thermal energy (15%)
    - 630 tons of CO2 (20%)
    - € 133,000 in energy costs (25%)

  • LEED certification in gold as the first shopping mall in Europe

  • Best European Energy Service Project 2010