Sedus Stoll, Dogern, Germany

Freshly "furnished" – Energy management systems for greater energy efficiency


Sedus Stoll, a well-known manufacturer of high-quality office and business furniture in Waldshut/Dogern, Germany.

Sedus Stoll


Even greater energy efficiency in production processes thanks to targeted evaluation of consumption data.


By mid-2010 Sedus Stoll had gradually acquired and installed a comprehensive energy management system through Freiburg-based electronic equipment wholesaler Alexander Bürkle. The system consists of PAC3200 and PAC4200 measuring devices combined with intelligent energy management software powermanager, which is installed on a computer in the electronics department. All data converges here and can be conveniently evaluated as desired.

Because it was possible to connect the monitoring devices directly to the existing Ethernet network, installation costs were especially low. Now all areas in which there is noticeable power consumption are “cabled” so that achieve greater energy efficiency can be achieved.


The energy management system created a basis which allows the next level of “green production” at Sedus Stoll to begin. “We are able to pinpoint where energy is being consumed in specific areas of the plant and gain valuable insight for systematic improvement. This enables us to achieve even greater energy efficiency in production,” said electrician Andreas Rogg. The environmental audit already carried out in compliance with ISO 14001 can now be backed up with detailed figures.


Energy management system with

  • PAC3200 and PAC4200 measuring devices
    - Fast and easy installation thanks to standardized dimensions
    - Over 50 different parameters
    - Important energy flow data which can also be accessed locally

  • Software powermanager
    - Product full license “Standard” for up to 50 measuring points
    - Flexibly parameterizable