Lindner Hotels AG in Düsseldorf, Germany

Increased energy efficiency thanks to building performance optimization


Lindner Hotels AG operates 36 hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. All of them are attractive business addresses, appealing spa resorts or upmarket golfing and sports hotels.

Lindner Hotels AG in Düsseldorf, Germany


At Lindner Hotels AG, energy efficiency and the collection of energy consumption data have always been part of the operational strategy at its establishments. The aim was to exploit any latent potential for savings in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.


Although it is already highly energy efficient, with the help of the “building performance optimization” (BPO) remote service from Siemens, the new Lindner Congress & Motorsport Hotel Nürburgring managed to uncover further potential savings. In the context of building performance optimization, an improvement strategy was worked out and implemented together with the customer. A display of current energy consumption on a Green Building Monitor visualizes this efficiency for guests.


With a pay-back period of less than one year, building performance optimization helped to reduce energy consumption by over 10 percent while accommodating the individual features of the hotel. Automated meter readings and energy reports, as well as the display of electrical load curves in the existing Desigo building automation and control system, simplify operations and create new ways to analyze efficiency. The Green Building Monitor visualizes the energy consumption and raises guests’ awareness of it.


Building performance optimization of the Lindner hotel with

  • Optimized management and control strategy for cooling machinery and heat exchangers

  • Pressure setpoint adjustment of the air distribution network

  • Flow rate adjustment in ventilation systems

  • Installation of CO2 sensors with demand-based ventilation in restaurant and hotel lobby

  • Use of control system based on weather forecasts