Klinikum Region Hannover, Germany

Energy savings of 45 percent annually through Energy Saving Performance Contracting


In and around Hannover, Klinikum Region Hannover GmbH operates twelve hospitals with 3,400 beds and 8,500 employees, and is the most highly efficient hospital enterprise in the region.


In a Europe-wide tender, a significant reduction in the energy costs of the company’s eight hospitals was required. This was achieved through a comprehensive energy renovation with minimized technical and economic risk.


Following a thorough analysis of all building systems, Siemens upgraded the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems as well as the lighting of the eight buildings within a year as a part of Energy Saving Performance Contracting. An integrated building automation and control system ensures efficient building operation. Green Building Monitors inform each hospital regarding consumption and raise awareness for prudent use of energy. Continuous energy monitoring and controlling verify the success of initiatives and reveal further potential for efficiency.


The measures taken within energy performance contracting reduce energy costs by a contractually guaranteed total of 3.6 million euros per year, and environmentally harmful CO2 emissions are reduced by 19,000 t. The cost savings will pay for the investment of some 24 million euros within a contract period of ten years. Thanks to Energy Saving Performance Contracting, Klinikum Region Hannover is thus subjected to no risk.


  • Energy renovation of eight hospitals
    - Replacement of the boilers
    - Modernization of the air-conditioning engineering
    - Installation of cogeneration plants
    - Use of LEDs
    - Integrated building automation and control system
    - Green Building Monitors

  • Annual savings of
    - 45 percent of the energy
    - 3.6 million euros in energy costs
    - 19,000t of carbon dioxide

  • Energy monitoring and controlling

  • Risk-free Energy Saving Performance Contracting