Heyl GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Langensalza, Germany

"Grinding" by numbers — Realizing potential for rationalization through energy management


The Bad Langensalza production facility of Heyl GmbH & Co. KG, a mid-sized mill operation within the Grain Millers Group.

Heyl GmbH


The goal was to systematically identify and tap into potential for energy consumption rationalization in production processes; this made it possible to benefit from tax allowances granted to companies with high power consumption.


Energy management based on PAC3200 measuring devices and powermanager software allows energy consumption of milling and downstream processes to be recorded and evaluated. Thanks to this system, for the first time the energy efficiency of production equipment can be evaluated and optimized.

A standard feature of the powermanager energy management software is a visual display in tabular form for all relevant energy consumption data, while also keeping historical graph data. The “Expert” package which permits more extensive customization and the “Web” package for Internet capability can be updated at any time.


For IT manager Michael Ortmann and the manager of the energy saving project, Sebastian Schmidt, it is clear: “This kind of energy management is the most important step toward achieving a balance between ecology and economy. Potential for rationalization can be utilized most efficiently when you are aware of what exactly this potential is.” Through the efficient use of energy, Heyl can also take advantage of tax allowances offered to major power consumers by the federal government as laid down in the Renewable Energies Law (EEG).


  • 35 Pac3200 measuring devices, with each monitoring over 50 parameters within the subassemblies of the production facilities

  • Networking and connection to a central computer via dedicated Ethernet connections and Scalance XB switches

  • Energy management with powermanager software 

  • Measuring, monitoring, evaluating and archiving of current flows, voltage variations, true power, and reactive power

  • In addition to potential for rationalization, required servicing can be read on-screen