Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

Energy Saving Performance Contracting for a unique cultural and entertainment complex


Federation Square is a social and cultural hub in the heart of the city of Melbourne, an inner-city district with unique architecture on an area of 38,000 m2.

Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia


According to the “Greener Government Buildings Program” of the Australian state of Victoria, emissions of greenhouse gases, energy costs, and water consumption of Federation Square are to be greatly reduced.


Siemens’ Energy Saving Performance Contracting allows Federation Square to drastically reduce its dependency on the public power grid within 18 months. For this, Siemens is installing an 800-kW combined heat and power plant, a 25-kW photovoltaic system, and a biogas plant which will convert the food waste from Federation Square into heat. Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems with higher energy efficiency will be installed, solutions for rainwater recovery and use will be implemented, the lighting will be optimized, and the existing Siemens building management system will be adjusted accordingly.


The guaranteed electricity savings achieved by Energy Saving Performance Contracting add up to $829,000 per year for Federation Square, allowing the investment in the project to be amortized within eight years. By implementing these modernization measures, the annual energy costs will be reduced by a total of 40 percent.


Energy Saving Performance Contracting guarantees:

  • Annual CO2savings: 7300 tons or 49%

  • Annual water savings: 17,000 m3(17 million liters) or 26%

  • Annual waste savings: more than 46 tons or 100%