Excelsior Hotel, Hong Kong, China

Energy Saving Performance Contracting to finance energy-saving initiatives


The Excelsior Hotel of the hotel group Mandarin Oriental has a spectacular location directly on Victoria Harbour and is the largest hotel in Hong Kong, with 886 rooms and suites.

Excelsior Hotel, Hong Kong, China


The hotel group Mandarin Oriental is working continuously to improve its energy management and to implement energy-saving measures in its 41 hotels worldwide. The energy consumption was also to be optimized in the Excelsior Hotel – without compromising daily operations.


An audit of the hotel systems identified a number of opportunities for improvement. Through Energy Saving Performance Contracting, the corresponding measures and implemented technologies will be financed by the energy savings realized. The project costs were divided by the guaranteed annual savings in order to determine the length of the agreement. Repayment of the loan is financed through the increased energy efficiency.


Increase in value thanks to modernization. Minimized investment risks thanks to Energy Saving Performance Contracting. Energy savings lead to cost reductions. More efficient chillers improve the cooling load. Thanks to sophisticated planning and deviding the project into several phases, the Hotel Excelsior was able to continue operations without interruption. Data and knowledge provided by Energy Saving Performance Contracting now serve as valuable guidance for energy-saving measures in other hotels.


Measures implemented through Energy Saving Performance Contracting

  • Modernization of the chillers

  • Modernization of the cold water and condensate pumps

  • Optimization of the cooling system

  • Upgrading of the building automation systems

  • Energy monitoring system for verification of the savings realized