Crittenden Regional Hospital, West Memphis, Arkansas, USA

Guaranteed savings finance modernization


Crittenden Regional Hospital (CRH) has been providing the citizens of West Memphis in the state of Arkansas with high-quality health care for more than 50 years.

Crittenden Regional Hospital, West Memphis, Arkansas, USA


As with all aging hospitals, at CRH various infrastructure improvements and investments in the facility needed to be made in order to continue to offer the best conditions for high-quality treatment and good service. Given rising energy costs and operating expenses, it was a challenge to find the necessary funds for these investments. The stated goal was energy savings with increased user comfort and improved employee productivity.


Based on employee surveys, condition assessments, and measurements, Siemens conducted extensive analysis and presented creative and innovative ideas for reduced energy costs, increased productivity, and improved infrastructure – and all of this within the framework of the CRH operating budget. Energy Saving Performance Contracting made it possible for CRH to make the investments in the corresponding modernization measures with predicted energy savings of more than 1.8 million kilowatt hours per year: The total investment cost of $2,570,000 will be paid for by CRH within 15 years with the guaranteed energy and operating cost savings of $3.9 million.


The measures as part of Energy Saving Performance Contracting reduce operating and energy costs for the hospital significantly without incurring immediate investment costs: CRH is guaranteed $260,000 in savings per year, from which the hospital will benefit completely after the contract period of 15 years. In addition, the modernization creates a more comfortable and soothing environment for patients and employees, which also affects the image of the hospital positively.


The measures carried out as part of Energy Saving Performance Contracting include:

  • New Energy Management Control System (EMCS) for more productivity and user comfort

  • Modernization of the lighting with long-lasting energy-saving lamps

  • More efficient cooling and new refrigerant lines

  • New cooling water pumps and variable speed drives

  • New cooling tower

  • Plate and frame heat exchanger for free cooling during the winter months

  • High-efficiency hot water tank