Citic Square, Shanghai, China

Maximized Energy Efficiency for Citic Square


Citic Square is a 48-story building completed in 2000 in the heart of Shanghai, China. The lower five floors house an international shopping center; offices, conference rooms, IT spaces, training areas, and building services are located in a tower.

Citic Square, Shanghai, China


Energy efficiency was to be maximized, and the building was to be made into a “green” city landmark. The building’s glass shell, along with hot, dry summers and cold winters, represented a special challenge for the technical systems.


Within the scope of an innovative partnership model of Energy Saving Performance Contracting, Siemens made a wide variety of solutions, services, products, and technologies available to Citic Square to maximize energy efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. Siemens guarantees that annual energy consumption will be reduced by at least 1.68 million kWh within six years.

Measures taken by Siemens include replacement of the heating pumps, implementation of demand-controlled ventilation based on the carbon dioxide concentration inside and outside the building, and optimization of the energy consumption of the escalators in the shopping center, the sun protection, and the thermal insulation.


By directing attention at the entire lifecycle of the building, Siemens was able to maximize its energy efficiency in an exemplary manner. Shanghai Citic Square was able to achieve 68 percent of the agreed energy savings already in the first six months.


Maximized energy efficiency through the following measures:

  • Replacement of the heating pumps

  • An optimization program for the cooling system

  • Variable speed drives for the motors of the cooling tower fans

  • Optimization of the cold water, condensed water, and hot water pumps

  • Demand-controlled ventilation in the shopping center

  • An optimized control solution for the escalators

  • Sun protection foil on the roof of the shopping center