WIFI Campus, Dornbirn, Austria

Building technology characterized by sustainability, comfort and security


The Institute for Economic Development (WIFI) of the Voralberg Chamber of Commerce claims: “The newly designed WIFI Campus in Dornbirn is a modern meeting place for lifelong learning and edutainment.”

WIFI Campus, Dornbirn, Austria


Flexible business management system for maximum comfort and sustainable energy efficiency. Special attention was paid to air-conditioning, ventilation, and integrated networking. The special architecture, its varying uses, and very different thermal loads needed to be taken into account.


The intelligent building management system at WIFI Campus enables individual air-conditioning of the rooms and workshops. An in-house weather station passes its measured values directly to the management station, allowing the station to control the shutters/blinds, lighting, and air-conditioning based on the intensity of the sunshine and wind, the position of the sun, and the presence of clouds. Water and heat meters are integrated in the building automation system.

The building managers are alerted via SMS. They can then use a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to initiate required steps even when they are away from the building.


Greater comfort of the seminar guests thanks to an optimally air-conditioned learning environment. The building management system saves energy, since only as much air-conditioning or lighting as required is provided. This lowers operating costs. Efficient control: The building management system makes energy consumption transparent at any time. Improved availability of the building managers increases safety.


WIFI Campus with

  • 6,500 m2 of usable space

  • 20 meeting and seminar rooms

  • IT rooms and workshops

  • Hall of Business for large events

  • A two-story restaurant

  • Businesses

  • 250 parking spots on three subterranean levels

  • Intelligent building management system