Tweed Shire Council, Murwillumbah, Australia

Efficient HVAC Control System for Multiple Facilities


The Tweed Shire Council operates public facilities in the Tweed Shire region of New South Wales, Australia.


An efficient HVAC system was needed for the office building of the Tweed Shire Council, with council chambers, a library, and a concert hall; a nearby aquatic center; and an art gallery.


Since Synco 700 RMS controllers communicate with each other, one HVAC control system was sufficient for all three facilities. An OZW775 Web server allows the building management system to operate on the Ethernet network of the Tweed Council. This allows the HVAC control devices to be accessed from any PC on the customer network. The ACS service and operating software installed on the operating personnel PC shows plant schematics with current plant data, trend logs, and alarm processing.

In the aquatic center, ventilation devices with integrated direct expansion air change units were used – a combination of compressors, heat exchangers, modulating fans and dampers.


The Synco control system is uniform and cost-efficient. Easy operation of the Synco controllers is ensured thanks to clear-text displays and the ACS software. Energy-saving functions and the exchange of energy-relevant information ensure the high energy efficiency of the HVAC system. Set-point values can be changed, time programs can be adjusted, and the plant can be monitored directly from the office PC.
The ventilation devices in the aquatic center also operate in an energy-efficient manner. They ensure that sufficient outside air is introduced and that the desired room conditions are maintained.


  • Synco 700 RMS control and monitoring devices

  • ACS715 plant and operating software

  • OZW775 central communication unit

  • Ventilation devices with integrated direct expansion air change units in the aquatic center