Towngas, Hong Kong, China

“Greening” of headquarters using lifecycle management


The Hong Kong and China Gas Company, known as Towngas, supplies 85 percent of all households in the region and many businesses with natural gas. According to the motto “Greening up your life,” Towngas is motivating its customers to reduce CO 2 emissions – and paying heed to this at the same time.

Towngas, Hong Kong, China


Sustainability is an important objective for Towngas. In order to keep energy consumption and thus CO 2 emissions of the company headquarters low, the building automation systems need to operate as efficiently and reliably as possible. Additionally, the requirements for the BEAM (“Building Environmental Assessment Method”) Plus-award of the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) were to be fulfilled in 2012.


An Advantage TM Services contract with Siemens provides for regular maintenance, ongoing modernization, and lifecycle management of the building automation systems, and Siemens eService offers around-the-clock web-based emergency call services. In order to maximize energy efficiency, the Apogee ® building automation system was installed and integrated into the IT system. Towngas can now centrally monitor and control the cooling system, the HVAC engineering, the public address system, the electrical systems, the production and development systems, and the tailored tenant override system.


Reliable, fast-reacting system services. Cost-effective system modernization for maximum energy efficiency. Cost savings through low energy consumption. Improved sustainability image. Increased comfort through a tailored Apogee building automation system.


  • AdvantageTM Services contract for lifecycle management of the building automation systems

  • Upgrading to the Apogee building automation system

  • Incremental modernization of the field devices and meter monitoring