Torvbyen Shopping Center, Fredrikstad, Norway

New HVAC Plant for Greater Energy Efficiency


With a total of 85 shops, Torvbyen in Fredrikstad is one of the largest regional shopping centers in southeastern Norway.


During an expansion that included new buildings and shops as well as the replacement of building automation systems, it became clear that the different control systems for the HVAC plants were making energy-efficient operation impossible. For this reason, an integrated control and monitoring system was sought.


The various control systems in the Torvbyen Shopping Center were replaced by a higher-level overall control system. The decision was made in favor of the modular Synco 700 HVAC controller range with applications and energy-saving functions that were already integrated and tested. Since the Synco 700 controllers communicate with each other using the globally standardized KNX bus system, automatic coordination of all processes, as well as requirements-based, efficient control of all plants, is ensured at all times.
Thanks to the ACS715 service and operating software and the OZW775 central communication unit, all controllers can be centrally operated and monitored. The entire plant can also be accessed at any time and from anywhere over the Internet.


The building automation systems are now centrally controlled and monitored, making them much more efficient. Preprogrammed energy-saving functions make it possible to drastically reduce operating costs. The user-friendly Synco HVAC control system can be easily and efficiently operated and can be expanded and adapted to changed circumstances at any time.


  • 32 HVAC controllers from the Synco 700 modular controller range

  • ACS715 service and operating software

  • OZW775 central communication unit