Skanska in Prague, Czech Republic

Desigo building automation ensures the economical operation of the administrative center


The Czech construction and development company Skanska built its new Opatov Park I administrative center in the immediate vicinity of the eponymous subway station in Prague. The six above-ground storeys contain open-plan offices and conference rooms, while garage parking, warehouse premises and the technical equipment occupy the three underground floors. The building has 15,000 m2 of office space, in which 700 people work.

Skanska in Prague, Czech Republic


Skanska required a building automation solution to operate the administrative center in an economical and environmentally friendly way while not making any sacrifices on user comfort.


Desigo, the brain of the building automation, controls and centrally monitors heating, cooling, lighting and the outdoor blinds. All the subsystems are interconnected. Two meteorological stations on the roof supply Desigo with information it needs for its control tasks. The system analyzes the data and then adjusts the heating or cooling accordingly, switches the lighting on or off and changes the position of the window blinds.


The automatic control of all the key technologies reduces the operating costs and minimizes environmental impact. Employees’ individual requirements are also taken into account: they can change settings directly from their desks.


  • Central Desigo building automation

  • Desigo Insight control system with almost 10,000 hardware data points

  • Two meteorological stations

  • Zone-controlled lighting and heating/cooling systems

  • Two heat pumps

  • Data exchange via BACnet, LON, KNX and DALI communication buses