Siemens Branch in Hengelo, Netherlands

Total Building Solution with Desigo V 5.0 and Desigo TRA


The new building in Hengelo, Netherlands is owned by Wölber Invest GmbH. Currently, the building is leased to Siemens Real Estate (SRE) for ten years and used by the Siemens Energy Sector. The building has 8,000 m² of office space, spread over 10 floors and 150 separate rooms. It houses 600 employees, each of whom has different needs as far as comfort, room temperature and work schedules are concerned.

Siemens Branch in Hengelo, Netherlands


For its new offices, the customer needed an innovative and flexible floor plan which can quickly be adjusted when changes occur. The customer wanted flexible office space meeting the highest standards, equipped with innovative new technologies while still focusing on energy efficiency.


In October 2011, the Siemens Building Technologies Division and our external partner Meulenbeld Installation began to implement the Desigo V5.0 building automation system with Desigo Total Room Automation (TRA). Meulenbeld Installation performed all installation work, while Siemens was responsible for engineering and delivering the control cabinets.
Desigo TRA offers individual control of the room climate as well as flexible adjustments in room usage. Siemens was also responsible for the fire safety system.


Energy consumption – and operating costs – lowered by 30%
Desigo portfolio – reliable, high-quality products compliant with EN1532
Customer needs were fully met thanks to the flexible room automation system


  • Desigo Insight V5.0 with Desigo TRA

  • 1 PXC100 automation station for main air handling unit and other HVAC components

  • 1 PXC00 + 1 PXC3 group mastering

  • 45 PXC3s with DALI en PL-link and I/O modules

  • 150 PL-link switches, 400 multi-sensors

  • 150 QMX3.P36 room operator units

  • I/O for blinds

  • 1,500 data points

  • Eco Monitoring

  • 1 FC2040 fire control panel

  • 284 smoke detectors

  • 28 FDM225 manual call points

  • 132 FDSB291 sounder bases

  • 9 FDCIO222 input/output modules

  • 1 SPC6320.200 intruder alarm system control panel

  • 41 PIR detectors

  • 1 SIPASS access control unit

  • 16 card readers (AR6181-MX)

  • 6 magnetic contacts