Schwäbisch Media, Ravensburg, Germany

Ravensburg-based media company relies on flexible room automation


Schwäbisch Media is not only the publisher of the Schwäbische Zeitung, the largest regional subscription newspaper in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, but also provides print, Internet, television and radio services. At its new location in Ravensburg, all media have been combined under one roof – in a building complex of six interconnected glass office cubes with a total of 90 rooms, 19 floors and a total floor space of nearly 14,000 m². Designed by the Dutch architectural firm of Wiel Arets Architects, the building blends harmoniously into its immediate environment.

Schwäbisch Media, Ravensburg, Germany


The new building needed to reflect the openness, forward-looking philosophy and environmental consciousness of the company and offer each of its approximately 350 employees the best possible workplace quality. Glass surfaces of about 6,300 m² do provide great transparency, but also place special challenges on the room climate and shading. Since it must be possible at any time to reconfigure work areas quickly and cost-efficiently, flexible room automation is needed. Finally, the desire for sustainability requires intelligent control of all disciplines. With Desigo™ TRA, Siemens delivered the ideal solution to meet all these requirements.


For room automation, Desigo TRA was used to allow for the room partitioning to be changed as needed later on. The floors were subdivided into room segments and they, in turn, were flexibly combined into rooms which can be quickly modified at any time. 50 room automation stations handle overlapping functions in the electrical sub-distribution systems, for example to optimally position the blinds based on the angle of the sun and room occupancy. This ensures a comfortable temperature and prevents unwanted glare and reflections on screens. A weather station on the roof delivers current weather data. In the offices, the temperature is controlled from a room operator unit whose Green Leaf symbol alerts users to energy deviations; a simple press of the button restores optimal operations. Over 520 distributed I/O blocks control the distributed fan coils. 155 multisensors in the hallways and open-space areas detect if the areas are currently in use and then cool or heat them as necessary. A single touch panel is used to centrally control lighting and shading and other disciplines on each floor. The Desigo Insight management station combines all these functions and acts as a central point for monitoring and control.


For its excellent results in energy consumption, construction costs, comfort and functionality, the building received a Silver precertification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). Dr. Kurt Sabathil, managing director of the media company, comments: “We are proud. The building meets our aesthetic and sustainability requirements perfectly.” The employees are especially enthusiastic about the excellent work environment created by the sustainable construction approach. In the heat of summer or the cold of winter, a comfortable room climate and glare-free lighting make their jobs in the hectic media business easier.


  • 40 room automation stations PXC3.E75A

  • 64 room operator units QMX3

  • 155 multi sensors for presence detection