Reka Holiday Village, Montfaucon, Switzerland

Modernized HVAC Plant for Easier Operation and Greater Efficiency


The holiday village of Reka (Swiss Travel Fund) in Montfaucon in the Swiss canton of Jura includes 6 semidetached and 25 single-family homes, an indoor swimming pool and a wellness center.

Reka Holiday Village, Montfaucon


The holiday village wanted to modernize the 17-year-old HVAC plant. A new, efficient system that could be easily operated both from a central location and remotely was required.


The holiday village’s previous Monogyr system was converted to Synco, with the electrical infrastructure retained. The control of the heating system were replaced, along with the domestic hot water plant. The Synco 700 HVAC control system enabled a requirements-specific solution, first and foremost thanks to the RMS705 control and monitoring device. This device supplements the Synco HVAC controller, which is geared toward standard applications, with freely configurable function blocks for the control, switching and monitoring of HVAC plants.
Every vacation home now has a room operating unit that allows the room temperature set-point value to be adjusted and includes three operating modes (occupied, economy mode, unoccupied). An OZW771 central communication unit allows the facility manager to monitor the system from the main building.


Flexible programming tailored to all requirements enables an individualized room climate. Operating modes based on building occupancy allow the heating to be efficiently used and prevent unnecessary energy consumption. The convenient central remote access from the main building eases control and allows intervention as required without it being necessary to enter the vacation homes. Since all alarm signals can be transmitted via SMS, the facility manager can immediately take any required measures.


  • Communicative Synco RMS705 control and monitoring devices

  • Room operating units with a variety of operating modes

  • OZW771 central communication unit