Playhouse Theatre, Durban, South Africa

Advanced HVAC Control for Playhouse Theatre


Playhouse Company in Durban, South Africa, operates the Playhouse Theatre complex, which comprises the Prince’s Theatre and the Playhouse in Tudor style.

Playhouse Theatre Durban, South Africa


The electromechanical HVAC control system needed to be modernized and adapted to today’s increased requirements.


With the communication-capable Synco 700 system, Siemens made the HVAC system state of the art. The control cabinets were converted for use with the RMU universal controller. It controls the climate of the rooms precisely as required by controlling three-way cooling valves and modular air dampers.

Cooling water is produced using a modular RMS 705 controller that operates the corresponding system as needed in order to make the desired water temperature available. Refrigerating machines and cooling water pumps have a running-priority switching function to equalize running times.

The system was commissioned on a PC using the user-friendly ACS service and operating software, which allows programming and parameterization of the HVAC controllers, including control circuit settings and tests. The ACS graphical operating station is used for central control and monitoring. It features schematics with current plant data, trend records, and alarm processing.


The new HVAC control system with Synco 700 controllers and an ACS operating station enables monitoring and remote control of air-conditioning systems, offers greater ease of operation, and enables energy savings through simple yet effective measures.


  • Precise climate control using Synco 700 for increased comfort

  • Improved efficiency thanks to cooling water production that is controlled according to requirements

  • Cost savings through more effective use of energy

  • Remote control and central monitoring for easier operation

  • Fast and simple commissioning as well as tests with ACS