Optimum Air Conditioning for Giant Pandas from China

Pairi Daiza has adopted a Siemens HVAC control system for the technical management of the park.

Optimising Technical Management of the Park

Pairi Daiza, the most frequently visited animal park in Belgium is proud to pamper its visitors. But it also pays the same amount of care and attention to the comfort of its residents, such as the famous giant pandas. Wanting to install a relible technical management solution for the park, the managment set several conditions. The park staff would have to be able to intervene immediately in case of any incident, the air conditioning and lighting would have to be perfectly controllable and the energy consumption would have to be precisely controlled. It would also be necessary for the installation to be entirely compatible with the KNX/IP optical network already installed.

Pairi Daiza in Belgium

Taking Good Care of the Residents

To meet these demands, Thermia SPRL, a Siemens partner, suggested an integrated Synco 700 thermal control system, a reliable and flexible solution that would be able to be implemented in a number of stages. Synco 700 can control several buildings from a central point and remotely manage the heating and ventilation system. It can also modulate the temperature inside the various locations depending on the weather. After the leopards, the lions, the hippopotami and the elephants, the giant pandas Hao Hao and Xing Hui also benefited from optimum air conditioning due to this system. This is based, on new features such as the AQR temperature and humidity sensors, RDF600 thermostats and RMU720 and RMU730 universal controllers. Conventional RMK770 and RMH760 controllers are responsible for energy management, while the control and lighting are entrusted to type RMS705 switching and monitoring modules. All these components are connected via a secure KNX/IP gateway and an OZW772 web interface. The park staff can therefore monitor the comfort of all its various residents day and night.

For optimum management of the air conditioning, the lighting and energy consumption of the part, Pairi Daiza chose a Siemens solution through its partner Thermia SPRL.

Pairi Daiza in Belgium: Haohao and Xinghui