Kooindah Waters Residential Golf & Spa Resort, Wyong, Australia

User-Friendly, Flexible HVAC Control


The Kooindah Waters Residential Golf & Spa Resort in Wyong, Australia, includes luxury apartments, a hotel and an 18-hole golf course.

Kooindah Waters Residential, Wyong, Australia


The resort needed a flexible and user-optimized control and monitoring system for the HVAC requirements of the various facilities, such as office spaces, hotel rooms, a restaurant and an underground parking garage.


Communicative Synco 700 RMS controllers monitor the plant and reliably respond to every need from the individual areas. Thanks to the exchange of energy information within the plant and integrated energy-saving functions, Synco 700 HVAC controllers enable energy-efficient operation. The SED2 variable speed drives also allow the energy consumption of fans and pumps to be reduced by up to 50 percent.

An OZW775 Web server ensures easy and location-independent operation of the HVAC plant. Guests can easily operate the RDF room thermostats. To offer comprehensive safety, carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensors were installed in the underground parking garage.


Thanks to communicative Synco 700 controllers, the HVAC plant ensures an optimal room climate in an energy-efficient manner in all areas of Kooindah Waters. Using the Web server, the plant can be flexibly operated and monitored from any location and at any time. RDF room thermostats can be intuitively operated thanks to their large and clear displays. CO and NO2 sensors in the underground parking garage monitor emissions and the air supply, ensuring that there is sufficient fresh air. The Synco system offers comprehensive flexibility and interoperability.


  • Communicative Synco 700 RMS controller for HVAC control

  • OZW775 Web serve

  • SED2 variable speed drives for fans and pumps

  • RDF room thermostats in the guest rooms

  • CO and NO2 sensors in the underground parking garage