Hotel Wienerwaldhof, Tullnerbach, Austria

New HVAC Plant for Greater flexibility and Operating Convenience


Hotel Wienerwaldhof, located in a picturesque setting near Vienna, offers comfortably furnished rooms and junior suites as well as various seminar rooms in several buildings.

Hotel Wienerwaldhof, Tullnerbach, Austria


The hotel buildings were equipped with a variety of obsolete HVAC controllers that each needed to be set by hand. An important requirement for the new control system was a centralized, user-friendly control system.


Hotel Wienerwaldhof was equipped with the Synco 700 HVAC system. Thanks to the OZW771 central communication unit, this system can be controlled directly from the reception desk or from a laptop in the hotel office. The ACS service and operating software makes operation easy. It not only provides support for easy and quick commissioning of the Synco system but also offers plant schematics with current plant data, trend logs and alarm processing.

Time programs, which can easily be reconciled with the current room occupancy, are important primarily for seminar and hotel rooms. HVAC control that is adapted to the conditions uses energy efficiently, since excessive heating and cooling is avoided.


Simple operation and centralized monitoring go hand in hand with optimal energy use. Set-point values can be changed and time programs can be adapted from the office with ease. Requirements-based HVAC control has a positive effect on energy costs while improving room comfort. Thanks to the modular design, the plant can be easily expanded at any time.


  • Synco 700 HVAC control system

  • OZW771 central communication unit

  • ACS service and operating software