European Patent Office, Munich, Germany

Building management system at the European Patent Office


The European Patent Office (EPO) with headquarters in Munich. There are 3,600 of the over 6,500 employees working at the Munich headquarters.

The European Patent Office building technology


Administrative operations and events make considerable demands on building technology. In order to ensure smooth operations, the electrical installation was refurbished and equipped with a flexible technology for remote monitoring.


A highly compatible electrical installation with ALPHA distribution boards, BETA miniature circuit breakers and GAMMA instabus building technology was used. If rooms are used for a new purpose or extended, with KNX in place, changes can now be easily reprogrammed. An ideal solution was offered by using distributed marshalling racks with GAMMA instabus load switches.

In addition to load switches and dimming actuators, a DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) system was used in conjunction with KNX to control the lighting system of the electrical system. Now 64 DALI-compatible lights can be switched and dimmed individually via the KNX/DALI interface. The primary component of the electrical installation with GAMMA instabus is its visualization with fault report management, lighting management, and a database for operating times and levels of energy consumption.


Given the 5,400 lights in the EPO complex, considerable savings are possible through the GAMMA instabus electrical installation by means of switching and constant light controls based on real requirements. “Thanks to remote monitoring we can now see if all the technical systems are functioning correctly as soon as we start work in the morning,” says Michael Heussler of Technical Services in praise of the system.


  • Use of GAMMA instabus

  • DALI in conjunction with KNX for monitoring, switching, and dimming each light individually

  • Lighting control can be programmed specifically for individual events

  • Visualization system with fault report management, lighting management, and a database

  • ALPHA distribution boards and BETA miniature circuit breakers