Episcopal School, St. Vith, Belgium

Central HVAC Control for Belgian School


The Episcopal School in St. Vith, which is located in the German-speaking part of Belgium, combines a secondary school with boarding school and technical institute in several buildings.


The existing HVAC plant was to be upgraded to the state of the art, and a new annex building was to be adapted so that it could be operated using the same system as the other buildings. The new system needed to offer simple operation and efficient energy use.


Siemens Solution Partner T.S.D. SA in Troisvierges, Luxembourg, installed the Synco 700 HVAC control system. Thanks to integrated and tested applications and energy-saving functions, seamless and energy-efficient operation is ensured. Since the Synco controllers use KNX communication to exchange energy information, only the devices needed for maintaining room comfort are switched on automatically.

The OZW772 Web server is installed for centralized, location-independent operation of the HVAC plant. It allows the plant to be accessed from any PC at any time, and the customer receives malfunction and maintenance notifications directly via e-mail.


The system offers a high level of user-friendliness and service convenience thanks to simple and efficient operation, while the modular design provides great flexibility. Increased energy efficiency is achieved through KNX communication. Adjustments can be made from any PC via the Web server – time programs can be reconciled with the occupancy of the training rooms, for example. Reception of malfunction and maintenance information via e-mail saves time and avoids unnecessary service visits.


  • Communicative Synco 700 HVAC controllers for existing HVAC plant

  • OZW Web server for remote system monitoring and operation

  • All schools in St. Vith to be equipped with Synco 700

  • Centralized control and monitoring of all HVAC plants of these schools