Dräxlmaier Group, Vilsbiburg, Germany

Desigo V5.1 building automation system


The Dräxlmaier Group is a globally operating family enterprise headquartered in Vilsbiburg, Bavaria. Since its founding in 1958, the company has been developing and manufacturing modern vehicle electrical systems, exclusive interiors and central electrical and electronic components aimed at the premium automotive segment. Along with the company’s decades of expertise, these products help vehicles of the future become even safer, more comfortable and more energy-efficient.

With approximately 45,000 employees worldwide, the Dräxlmaier Group is one of the largest family-run enterprises in Germany. It ranks among the top 100 automotive suppliers worldwide. The company’s power of innovation and development expertise has earned it many international awards and a great deal of influence.

Dräxlmaier Group, Vilsbiburg, Germany


To meet stricter IT requirements, Dräxlmaier wanted to convert its IT system to 64-bit technology. To do this, it had to migrate and upgrade its 32-bit building technology systems along with a total of 8,700 data points, distributed throughout the property.


The Desigo V5.1 building automation system, including the Desigo Insight management station, was installed to meet the more stringent IT requirements. Siemens solution partner Mescado Regeltechnik GmbH, along with the Delta Immotec engineering firm from Geisenhausen, performed the installation work.


It was possible to integrate the Desigo V5.1 building automation system into the existing building system by migrating to 64-bit technology. Databases and software can now be maintained consistently, which greatly simplifies handling and everyday work. In addition, the Desigo Insight management station provides trend analysis and evaluation functionality which can be used to identify potential energy savings.


  • 24 PXM20-E

  • 3 PXC 100-E.D.

  • 1 PXC 200-E.D.

  • 10 PXC00-U/ KNX

  • 2 PXC00-U/ Modbus

  • 29 PXC64-U

  • 6 PXC128-U

  • 1 PXC36-E.D

  • 1 Gateway S7/Modbus

  • 5 Unigyr