Culture Center Südpol, Lucerne, Switzerland

Energy-efficient HVAC system for culture center


The Culture Center Südpol in Lucerne, Switzerland, brings together various institutions under one roof, all using their own, separate rooms while sharing a common infrastructure.

Culture Center Suedpol


An easy-to-use and energy-efficient HVAC system.


Four ventilation systems provide requirements-based heating or cooling, as well as fresh air to the rooms. Ventilation, heating and cooling is controlled via the modular Synco 700 HVAC controller series. Thanks to preprogrammed standard applications, the Synco 700 is easy to configure and operate. The entire system can be monitored and operated via the Internet using a Web server.

Heat exchangers supplied by two ground water wells enable the efficient use of energy. The ground water provides both cooling and heating. In addition, energy-saving features and SED2 variable speed drives also help optimize energy use during system operation. The Synco 700 controllers communicate with each other via KNX, ensuring all processes are automatically and continuously coordinated.


Preprogrammed and tested standard applications facilitate operation while energy-saving features ensure efficient energy use. The Web server provides flexible remote access to the data. Thanks to KNX communication, all HVAC system operations are perfectly coordinated, ensuring visitors to the Culture Center Südpol can enjoy a comfortable room climate.


  • 14 communicativ Synco 700 HVAC controllers

  • OZW Web server for remote system monitoring and operation

  • 13 SED2 variable speed drives

  • Ground water-fed heat exchangers for heating and cooling