Castello di Montaldo, Montaldo, Italy

Efficient HVAC Control for the Highest Level of Comfort


The Castello di Montaldo, a castle in the Italian province of Turin, was converted into a luxury hotel in a comprehensive renovation under the supervision of the Office for the Preservation of Monuments.

Castello di Montaldo, Italy


The HVAC system for the building complex needed to be able to be centrally operated in an energy-efficient manner, and the controllers needed to be capable of communication.


Thanks to Synco 700, all building systems can be centrally monitored and operated, from the heating boiler to the cooling equipment to the fan coil units in the guest rooms. An OZW775 Web server allows operators to control the HVAC system at any time and from any PC. The ACS service and operating software makes operation easier and provides plant schematics with current plant data, trend logs and alarm processing.

Individual Synco RXB room controllers, certified according to eu.bac, ensure the comfort of the guests in an energy-efficient manner. Since the controllers use KNX communication to exchange energy information, only the devices needed for optimal room comfort are switched on automatically. Like all Synco controllers, they also provide tested and preprogrammed energy-saving functions.


The new system allows flexible operation of the HVAC system in the Castello di Montaldo from any location. The system features an excellent overview and simple operation. Maximum energy efficiency of the HVAC system is achieved thanks to eu.bac-certified controllers, the exchange of information via KNX and integrated energy-saving functions.


  • Communicative Synco RXB room controllers

  • OZW775 Web server for location-independent operation and monitoring

  • ACS service and operating software