Avra Imperial Hotel, Platanias, Crete, Greece

Integrated building and room automation for luxury hotel


The Avra Imperial Beach Resort & Spa in western Crete is a newly built luxury hotel. It is located near the beach on a 65,000-square-meter garden and offers 328 guest rooms, four swimming pools, and a high-quality spa center with eight massage rooms and a beauty salon.

Avra Imperial Hotel, Platanias, Crete, Greece


The operator was looking for an energy-saving and flexible solution for building automation as well as room automation of the guest rooms with long-term investment protection.


Siemens installed two system complexes, for which a Desigo Insight management station is the parent system: A building automation and control system controls all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology (HVAC) functions as well as the hot and cold water conditioning for the swimming pools. The system also controls the use of renewable energy – geothermal and solar energy – for the hot water conditioning.

The second building automation complex controls the lighting of the common rooms and corridors, the ventilation, and the water distribution through inverter pumps. In addition, the low- and medium-voltage power distribution is monitored. Three computers in the reception area serve as management stations especially for the guest rooms, with automated HVAC control, lighting, access control, and other functions such as “Do not disturb.” They give the staff a complete overview of all the rooms, allowing individual monitoring and planning of room service.


By detecting the presence of guests and energy losses and enabling room temperature changes and light management, the building automation ensures energy-saving hotel operation without compromising comfort. It supports scenarios for greater efficiency and enables intelligent adjustment of the operation to the ambient conditions.

The Siemens hotel solution integrates room automation, access control, energy-saving functions, online communication between the reception and guest rooms, and maximum security, as well as personnel management and the booking system. Desigo Insight enables monitoring and control of all electrical and mechanical building installations. Thanks to the BACnet network protocol, third-party systems can also be integrated into the building management system with its standalone automation stations, which contributes to maximum flexibility and long-term investment protection of the solution.


Room automation with

  • 330 HRC3.2 room controllers

  • 10 KNX IP routers

  • 113 HTC 3.2

  • 330 X2 card readers and holders

  • 3 management stations in the reception

Building automation with

  • Desigo Insight management station

  • Desigo PX Open for Modbus and BACnet integration

  • Desigo PX automation system with 5 stations and 2000 data points