Arena Armeec Sofia, Bulgaria

Energy efficient building automation for multi-functional arena with Desigo


The Arena Armeec Sofia is a sports and event arena in the Bulgarian capital. With a total area of 11,800 square meters – larger than the size of two football fields – it can hold up to 19,000 guests. In 2011, the year of its opening, the Arena Armeec Sofia ranked first in the annual VIP awards for luxury building and architecture in Bulgaria.

Arena Armeec Sofia, Bulgaria


The Arena Armeec in Sofia required a modern and reliable building automation solution which could offer maximum comfort with minimal energy consumption for any occasion.


The local Siemens Solution Partner, “New System”, installed Desigo Version 4 for the building automation, employing the full functionality of the system. Two operating stations on separate building levels ensure maximum flexibility. The building automation controls the entire lighting system with diverse scenarios for sports events, concerts and other events, as well as the heating, ventilation and air conditioning throughout the building.


Desigo V4 ensures the greatest energy efficiency and is distinguished by its efficiency and performance. All processes in the building, such as power distribution and energy consumption, are optimally automated, thereby ensuring the highest comfort and saving costs. When the arena is not in use, the building automation automatically reduces energy consumption with the temperature regulation system by up to five percent for every degree Celsius. The software is user-friendly and meets international standards.


  • Desigo V4 for the building automation controls
    - 5 heat pumps
    - 17 air conditioning systems
    - 22 ventilation systems
    - the lighting systems, including diverse scenarios

  • The production of cooling energy generates 3.5 MW