Apollo Business Center II, Bratislava, Slovakia

Flexible building automation with Desigo


The Apollo Business Center II in Bratislava, built by the HB Reavis Group, provides 81,000 m2 of usable space. Together with Apollo Business Center I, it is among the largest office complexes in central Europe. In addition to flexible office spaces that meet the highest standards, the buildings also host shops and restaurants.

Apollo Business Center II, Bratislava, Slovakia


The various buildings needed to be autonomous, the building automation and monitoring system was to be independently operated for each building. Furthermore, the automation was supposed to be modularly designed and scalable to integrate new technologies in the future.


The control, regulation, and monitoring of the building technology is based on modular automation stations for four independent segments of the building complex. In the control center, the automation stations are connected via BACnet to a higher-level Desigo management station with continuous power supply. The expandable building automation provides for energy-efficient operation of the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, and other building management systems such as access control and video surveillance.


The individual buildings of the Apollo Business Center remain independent from each other in the case of sale, flexibility and expandability of the automation. The higher-level Desigo management station is easy to operate thanks to its intuitive user guide. It collects, archives and evaluates all measured technical parameters here. High availability: The continuous power supply ensures that the Desigo management station remains in operation for at least 15 minutes after a power failure.


  • Desigo building automation system with
    - modular automation stations Desigo PXC64-U and PXC128-U
    - higher-level management station

  • Lighting

  • Access control

  • Video surveillance