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Butterfly valves PN6/10/16 for flanged connections, with tight shutoff

Stock no. BPZ:VKF46..

Stock no. BPZ:VKF46..

  • With EPDM seal for mounting between 2 flanges PN6, PN10 or NP16 to ISO 7005

  • For chilled water, low-temperature hot water, DHW, cold water and fresh water in closed or open circuits

Additional info

VKF46.450...600 PN 16 only



Angular rotation

90 °

Leakage rate

Tight shutoff, EN 12266-1, leakage rate A

Material, inside set

From DN350: Nickel-plated steel, To DN300: Stainless steel

Medium temperature

-10...120 °C

Permissible operating pressure

1600 kPa

Material, valve body

From DN350: Nodular cast iron EN-GJS-400-15, To DN300: Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250

PN class

PN 16

Product Variants