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3-port slipper valves PN 6 with flanged connections

Stock no. BPZ:VBF21..

Stock no. BPZ:VBF21..

- With flanged connections to ISO 7005

- For chilled or low-temperature hot water in closed circuits

Additional info

VBF21.40 / VBF21.50 are shipped with manual adjuster.

VBF21.., DN40/50, with SQK34.., SQK84..: Direct mounting

VBF21.., DN40/50, with SQK33.00 requires mounting set ASK32



Angular rotation

90 °

Medium temperature

1...120 °C

Valve characteristic


Permissible operating pressure

600 kPa

Material, valve body

Cast iron EN-GJL-250

Material, inside set

< DN 100: CrNi steel/brass, > DN 125: CrNi steel/Rg5 (faulty format)

PN class

PN 6

Leakage rate

DN40...100: 0...0.1 % of kvs value
DN125...150: 0...0,5 % of kvs value

Product Variants