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Open/close ball valves 2-port, PN40

Stock no. BPZ:VAI60..

Stock no. BPZ:VAI60..

Internally threaded connections Rp.. as per ISO 7-1.

For use in heating, ventilating and air conditioning plants as open/close ball valves. For closed circuits.



Angular rotation

90 °

Leakage rate

Zero leakage


Cooling water, Chilled water, Water with anti-freeze, Low-temperature hot water, High-temperature hot water

Medium temperature

-10…120 °C

Permissible operating pressure

1600 kPa

Material, valve body

Dezincification resistant hot-pressed brass (DZR), CW602N

Material, inside set

Dezincification resistant hot-pressed brass (DZR), CW602N, chromium-plated

PN class

PN 40

Connecting thread

Rp to ISO 7-1

Product Variants