2-port refrigerant valve, solder connection, PN 63, DN25, kvs 0.4, AC/DC 24 V, DC 0/2...10 V / 0/4...20 mA

Stock no. BPZ:MVS661.25-0.4N

Stock no. BPZ:MVS661.25-0.4N

Hermetically sealed 2-port valves for modulating control of refrigerant circuits including chillers and heat pumps.

  • Expansion gas, flash gas and suction throttle applications with one type of valve

  • PN 63, stainless steel with welding connections

  • Integrated power electronic with precise position feedback signal

  • For ammonia R717 and all standard refrigerants, noncorrosive gases/liquids and CO2 (R744). It is not suited for use with inflammable refrigerants.

Additional info

"An exchangeable ASR..N valve insert allows for different kvs-values with the same type of DN25 valve. In the event of service, this insert can also be replaced on the plant.

MVS661..N are UL listed."



Operating voltage

AC 24, DC 20...30 V

Power consumption

22 VA

Positioning signal

DC 0...10, DC 2...10, DC 0...20, DC 4...20 V

Positioning time

<1 s (faulty format)

Spring return function


Position feedback

DC 0...10, DC 2...10, DC 0...20, DC 4...20 V

Degree of protection


Ambient temperature, operation

-25...55 °C

Mounting position

Upright to horizontal

Permissible operating pressure

6300 kPa

Leakage rate

<0.002% of k<subscript>vs</subscript>-value (faulty format)

Medium temperature

-40…120 °C

Valve characteristic


Stroke resolution ΔH/H100


Material, valve body

Steel / CrNi steel

Material, inside set

CrNi steel


2500 kPa




0.40 m³/h

kvs reduced

0.25 m³/h