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Combi valves PN25, externally threaded

Stock no. BPZ:VPP46..

Stock no. BPZ:VPP46..

Pre-adjustable Combi valves, PN 25, externally threaded for

  • ventilation and air conditioning plants for control on the water side and automatic hydraulic balancing of terminal units, such as fan coils, induction units, and in heat exchangers for heating or cooling.

  • heating zones like self-contained heating systems, apartments, individual rooms, etc.

  • closed circuits

Volumetric flow 30…1330 l/h. With or without differential pressure test points.




To DN 15: 2.5, DN 20: 5 mm

Leakage rate

Class IV (0…0.01% of volumetric flow V100)


Water, Water with anti-freeze

Medium temperature

1…110 °C

Ambient temperature, operation

1...50 °C

Valve characteristic


Permissible operating pressure

2500 kPa

Material, valve body

Dezincification resistant brass, DR, CW602N

Material, inside set

Dezincification resistant brass (DR), CW602N, stainless steel, PPS

PN class

PN 25

Mounting position

Upright to 90° inclined

Product Variants