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Modulating control valves with magnetic actuator, PN16, external thread, for media containing mineral oils

Stock no. BPZ:MXG461..P

Stock no. BPZ:MXG461..P

Mixing and 2-port valves PN 16 with magnetic actuator for modulating control of media containing mineral oils in closed circuits. With positioning control, position feedback signal, spring return function and manual control.

Additional info

MXG461.. are standard valves

MXG461..M are silicon-free valve versions

MXG461.. valves are UL listed

When used as a 2-port valve, port B respectively port 3 must be closed off with accessories (nut, cover, gasket) provided with the valve.


Valve may only be used as a mixing or 2-port valve, not as a diverting valve.



PN class

PN 16

Operating voltage

AC / DC 24  V

Positioning signal

DC 0…10, DC 2...10, DC 4...20 V

Positioning time

< 2 s (faulty format)

Spring return function

A  AB closed

Position feedback

DC 0…10 V

Degree of protection


Ambient temperature, operation

-5…45 °C

Mounting position

Upright to horizontal

Permissible operating pressure

1000 kPa (10 bar)

Leakage rate

< 0.02 % of k<subscript>vs</subscript> value (faulty format)

Leakage rate bypass

< 0.2 % of k<subscript>vs</subscript> value (faulty format)

Medium temperature

1…130 °C


Heat transfer oil

Valve characteristic

Equal-percentage, Linear

Stroke resolution ΔH/H100


Material, valve body

Cast iron EN-GJL-250

Material, inside set

Brass, CrNi steel

Product Variants