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Electromotoric actuator, 250 N, 5.5 mm, AC/DC 24 V, DC 0...10 V, with fail-safe function

Stock no. BPZ:SSD61.5

Stock no. BPZ:SSD61.5

Electromotoric actuators for modulating or 3-position control of combi valves VPI45.. for water-side control of hot and cooling water in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. With position indication, manual control and plug-in type connecting cables.

Available are actuators types for modulating control DC 0/2...10 V and DC 0...10 V (SSD61EP) for equal-percentage valve characteristic.

Additional info

For fitting to the valve: Cap nut M30 x 1.5.

SSD81.., SSD61.. are CE, C-tick, UL and cUL listed.

The types SSD61.5 and SSD81.5 have the same housing and dimensions as the SSC.. actuators.



Positioning force

250 N


5.5 mm

Positioning time

30 s

Degree of protection


Ambient temperature, operation

1...50 °C

Medium temperature

1...110 °C

Mounting position

Upright to 90° inclined

Operating voltage

AC 24, DC 24 V

Power consumption

3 VA

Positioning signal

DC 0...10 V

Spring return function

15 s

Cable length

1.5 m