Electronic room thermostat with time switch, LCD and selection slider

Stock no. BPZ:REV..

Stock no. BPZ:REV..

Mains-independent, battery-operated room temperature controllers featuring user-friendly operation, easy-to-read display and large numbers

  • Self-learning two-position controller with PID response (REV13.., REV17.., REV24..)

  • 3-position controller with PI response (for REV34..)

  • Remote operation (REV13.., REV17.., REV24, REV24DC, REV34..)

  • Override button

  • Sensor calibration and reset function

  • Frost protection function and minimum limitation of setpoint

  • Color of housing front: signal white RAL9003 (NCS S 0502-G)

  • Color of baseplate: grey RAL7038

Operating mode selection:

  • Automatic modes with time switch program

  • Automatic mode with one or two heating phases (REV13..)

  • Automatic mode with up to three comfort phases (REV17.., REV24.., REV34..)

  • Exception day mode with up to three comfort phases (REV17.., REV24.., REV34..)

  • Continuous comfort mode

  • Continuous energy saving mode

  • Frost protection



Operating voltage

DC 3 V

Battery life

2 years

Ambient temperature, operation

5...40 °C

Sensing element, temperature

NTC 10 kΩ

Setpoint setting range

3...35 °C

Relay output, switching voltage

AC 24...250 V

Relay output, switching current

0.1...6 (2.5), For RF versions: 0.2...16 (2) A

Type of fixing

Wall mounting with screw

Degree of protection


Product Variants