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Temperature controller/ safety limit thermostat

Stock no. BPZ:RAZ-ST..J

Stock no. BPZ:RAZ-ST..J

Combination of control thermostat (TR) and safety limit thermostat (STB). Internal scale (TR), internal scale (STB), 2 changeover contacts, failsafe capillary, STB with ambient temperature compensation. Immersion thermostat and wall mounting.



Immersion length

100 mm

Sensing element

Liquid expansion sensor

Capillary length

700 mm

Reset temperature

Min. 20 Kelvin under the switch-off point

Switching differential

TR: 6 K
STB: ±5 K

Digital output, switching voltage

AC 24...250 V

Digital output, switching current

TR: 0.1...16 (4) A
Contact 1-2 0.1...16 (1) A
Contact 1-4 max. 0.5 A (alarm contact)

Digital outputs

1-pin, Potential-free, Changeover contact

Degree of protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

120 x 106 x 70 mm

Product Variants