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Frost protection monitor 10...50 °C, capillary tube 1600 mm, clamping band

Stock no. S55700-P122

Stock no. S55700-P122

Internal scale, 1 changeover contact, immersion and strap-on thermostat in one.

Additional info

Perforated protection pocket must be ordered as a separate item: ALT-AB200



Sensing element

Liquid expansion sensor

Capillary length

1600 mm

Setpoint setting range

-10...50 °C

Switching differential

5 K

Digital output, switching voltage

AC 24...250 V

Digital output, switching current

Contact 1-2: 0.1...16 (2.5) A
Contact 1-3: 0.1...6 (2.5) A

Digital outputs

1-pin, Potential-free, Switching contact

Degree of protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

55 x 156 x 64 mm